Cluster headache oxygen mask

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Spørgsmål / questions:

Cluster headaches oxygen treatment


As a cluster headache patient myself, I have experienced one of the most effective treatments is oxygen therapy, but to be successful the o2 mask must deliver 100% oxygen.
The way to succes is to use a oxygen mask made specifically for the treatment. a cluster headache oxygen mask must provide a perfect fit and be equipped with a high quality valve system to ensure 100% oxygen.

Oxygen mask survey

According to the survey of 59 cluster headache patients who purchased the “Cluster headache mask”, the following results were reported:

81% optained full effect by the “Cluster headache mask”
15% optained full effect by the “Standard non-rebreathable mask”
2% optained full effect by the “Standard simple mask”

89% resultet in a better oxygen treatment by use of the “Cluster headache mask”
59% of those patients reports: “Yes much better”
91% will recommend the “Cluster headache mask” to other patients.

Optimize the well known treatments for cluster headache.